50,000 USDT in Battlefield! Mining Spree to Celebrate the Official Launch on Gate.io

3 min readAug 18, 2022


20 Guild Advancement Program spots have been filled out! More than 100+ guilds applied for this program. Although we opened 20 spots for the first 20 who have completed the phase rewards in the first season, we will keep releasing more and more pieces of great news! And here is the one — Mining Spree

To celebrate $BVT’s official launch on Gate.io, we decided to open up USDT mining in our first game Interstellar Rangeland! For those seniors and new gamers of Interstellar Rangeland, you can then battle-to-earn USDT on our battlefield!

Are you ready? Here is some basic info for this generous campaign.

Chain: Polygon

Period: 12 AM UTC August 21st — 12 AM UTC August 24

Prize Pool: 50,000 USDT

Where to game: https://www.bovine-verse.games/rangeland

A huge prize pool of 50,000 USDT will be prepared for split by all players who join the normal match in Arena and have at least 10 fights (surrender round will not be counted as a valid fight). Users are required to upload their daily history before 12:00 AM UTC each day

The reward will be able to claim at 12 AM UTC each day.

Notice!! Player can only claim USDT reward the next day after battlelog (fight records) submitted before 12AM UTC. After players win a certain number of fights in Normal Match (10,15,20), you need to submit the battlelog by clicking the “Submit Battlelog” button on the chest. If you fail to submit it before 12 AM UTC each day, you will not be able to claim the USDT rewards the next day.

First of all, if you are new to BovineVerse, you can claim beta assets we prepare for you on the website. It’s recommended to view BovineVerse guidebook for a detailed explanation of GamePlay in public beta. During the period, the reward yielded in the Normal Mode of Arena will be $USDT instead of $TBVT.

Combat Tip:

The combat result has something to do with the attributes of an adult bull and the skin’s level. If players want to have an adult bull with higher attributes, they can gain one in the following ways:

  • Purchasing Bovine Hero from the BovineVerse marketplace
  • Breeding a cattle mystery box (chance to get bull) with higher heredity from parent cattle
  • Merge cattle to get a bull of high level
  • Purchase combat skins and merge them to get an ultimate skin of high level
  • For more details refer to BovineVerse guidebook

3 Days till BovineVerse USDT Mining Spree begins. Let’s warm up and train your fighting bulls from now on

Public beta: https://www.bovine-verse.games/rangeland

About BovineVerse

BovineVerse is a genesis Fi+ metaverse platform under Web3.0. BovineVerse plans to release multiple on-chain games and sports prediction systems, and also reserves API interfaces for the third-party. The DAO spirit of this community allows high flexibility on autonomy. Players can own various NFTs, participate in social, adventure and online sports prediction, etc., to maximize play-to-earn!

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