BovineVerse Official Bridge Available on Oct 10

2 min readOct 10, 2022


In the past quarter, BovineVerse has reached a number of milestones for the project. We just called it an end to our Beta of the 1st game interstellar rangeland and the entire dev team are getting prepared for the official launch. After careful consideration and based on the game itself, we have decided and announced that we would launch the 1st game on Polygon. Well before that, we would like to provide an official bridge to cross assets from different chains. These includes BVT, BVG and NFT sold from Galxe(formerly Project Galaxy). The official bridge will be available on BovineVerse official site around 11:00 AM UTC, Oct 10.

What: BVT,BVG & NFT Bridge

When: 11:00 AM UTC, Oct 10


Below are some reminders before any executions on our bridge,

  1. Crosschain Fee is 1% per transaction. The minimum crosschain amounts for BVT and BVG are 40 BVT and 50,000 BVG respectively.
  2. The estimated time of crosschain arrival is 10–30 mins.
  3. Be aware that for NFT, we only offer bridging it from BNB Chain(formerly BSC) to Polygon.
  4. If your NFT is a mystery box in BNB Chain, you will need to first open it before bridging to Polygon.

About BovineVerse

BovineVerse is a genesis Fi+ metaverse platform under Web3.0. BovineVerse plans to release multiple on-chain games and sports prediction systems, and also reserves API interfaces for the third-party. The DAO spirit of this community allows high flexibility on autonomy. Players can own various NFTs, participate in social, adventure and online sports prediction, etc., to maximize play-to-earn!

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A new Fi+ metaverse gaming platform integrating DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi.