Earn up to 50% APY! Tutorial on Depositing $BVT on BVT SS-Vault on Shield

2 min readAug 30, 2022


Heads up Bovinians! A chance to earn up to 50% APY by holding $BVT! On August 29, we announced an official partnership with Shield and are together running the first $BVT SS-Vault on the Shield website.

Time: 12 PM UTC August 31

Locking duration: deposit day to Sept 30

Where: Sheild Website>Vault>BVT Vault

Estimated APY: +50%

Minimum Deposit: 100 BVT

Maximum Deposit: 500,000 BVT

Below settlement price:

Unexercised Return ( BVT ) = Deposits * (1 + 50% * Duration / 365)

Above settlement price:

Exercised Return ( USDT equivalent to BVT )= Deposits * 0.5 * (1 + 50% * Duration / 365)

Simple Steps get you through the $BVT Vault

Step 1: Head to Shield website, click Vault on the menu bar. Choose BVT Vault on this page or directly click here.

Step 2: Then you are ready to enter the deposit amount. (It will ask you to approve first before deposit)

Step 3: You will be able to withdraw once the staking event ends on Sept 30.

Video Tutorial:

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Shield is building a unique decentralized protocol based on a fully non-cooperative game for future derivatives infrastructure, enabling global borderless access to finance. Stay connected with Shield on Twitter, Medium, Discord, and Telegram.

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