How to Claim Test NFT Assets for Interstellar Rangeland Public Beta

Interstellar Rangeland public beta is forthcoming! Before its release, we have held some activities for every Bovinian to access premium test NFT assets and many of you have already been whitelisted for these. In addition to the premium assets (Homeland & Bovine Hero) open only for the whitelist, everyone is eligible to claim other testing assets (Regular Cattle Mystery Box, TBVT, TBVG)! Below is a detailed tutorial on how to claim them on BovineVerse website.

Notice: Homeland & Bovine Hero conducts a first come first served basis, which means not all whitelisted players can be eligible to claim this two premium NFTs. Homeland only serves for 100 and Bovine Hero 514.

When to claim: 10 AM UTC, May 24

Step 1: Head to BovineVerse official website and make sure you connect the wallet in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Once connected, you can click Beta Assets under NFT in the menu bar.

Step 3: Make sure your mainnet is on Polygon. If you haven’t added Polygon network, please check the instructions in Q&A to learn how to add. Since the beta is on Polygon, you will need to buy $MATIC for gas fee only.

Step 4: Scroll down and you are able to see five gaming assets for the Beta, including Homeland planet, Bovine Hero, regular cattle box, BVT and BVG.

Step 6: Before claiming, you are able to view the assets information . That includes description, contract address, supply, minted amount, and your eligibility.

If you haven’t yet claimed, it tells how many are available for you. Now you are able to click the Claim button.

Step 7: Once you claim, the claim button turns gray and minted assets and your eligibility will be updated. The steps for claiming the other four assets are ditto. Always check the eligibility table shown in Q&A.

Step 8: After claiming, you can view your assets in your wallet.


  1. I have won WL in BovineVerse events, but why can’t I claim Homeland & Bovine Hero NFT?

First make sure you’re at Polygon network, connect your wallet, and check if the address you connect is correct (the same as the one you submitted to BovineVerse). Be sure to prepare enough MATIC in your wallet for the gas fee.

2. How to add Polygon network?

Open metamask or other wallets, click Networks>Add Networks>Enter the following info>Add

Network Name: Polygon

New RPC URL, Choose any of the following:

Chain ID: 137

Currency Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

3. I have connected the wallet, and switched to the correct address at Polygon network, why am I still unable to claim Homeland & Bovine Hero NFT?

If you’re whitelisted and have correctly connected network and wallet, then check the minted amount of each asset. If the minted amount of Homeland shows 100 and Bovine Hero 514, you cannot claim them as well because the limited supply of these two assets only serves whitelists who come earlier. Pay attention to the claiming time.

4. How many entries can one address claim for each asset?

Each address can only claim up to 1 Homeland, 1 Bovine Hero, 2 Cattle Boxes, 50 TBVT, 1,000 TBVG. Homeland and Bovine Hero are only accessible to whitelists, Cattle Box, TBVT, TBVG are open to everyone.

See Video Tutorial here:

About BovineVerse

BovineVerse takes the initiative to establish a new Fi+ gaming platform deeply integrating DeFi, GameFi and SocialFi. On our platform, players can carry out DAO governance over their respective planets, own NFT assets that are able to break the barriers between games and spaces, engage in star wars to get huge token rewards and build an online gaming social network. It is committed to realizing the financialization and tokenization of social influence in the game and allowing players to earn while playing. Significantly, three parallel worlds will be successively launched, aiming to create a multi-verse for every player. BovineVerse, a pioneer of Fi+ concept, is set with a complete NFT system and helps users to ride the wave of Web 3.0.

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