Total Worth 20,000 USDT! Fraternity & Sorority Beta-Invite Party-Invite To Earn

Dear Bovinians,

We got so much attention and participation since the public beta of Interstellar Rangeland went online. To reward your support, we are excited to hold our new event — Fraternity & Sorority Beta-Invite Party, a kind of Invite-to-Earn party that enables OG players to earn bonuses by inviting friends to Beta. Season 1 of Invite Party will only open to whitelist users who are selected based on the snapshot of in-game activity. New players are eligible to claim juicy in-game assets after they fulfill the tasks.

Period: 07/18/2022 12 PM UTC — the end of public beta

Party Entrance: TBA

Whitelist Users List: TBA

Invite-to-Earn — Prize Pool Worth 20,000 USDT Treat From Us!

Whitelist users are qualified to be referrals in this event to share the prize pool worth 20,000 U. To ensure fairness, each referrer is allowed to earn up to 50U in this campaign. For each valid invite, referrers can receive 5U after he or she completes all required tasks in the game

Referral Program

  1. Whitelist users are selected based on the Snapshot of in-game activity.
  2. Each whitelist user can invite as many as their friends to our P2E game Interstellar Rangeland.
  3. For each valid invite, whitelist users can receive 5 USDT as a bonus and new users can receive a gift pack through the event page.
  4. To count as a valid invite, a new user needs to first confirm your address as his referral and then complete five in-game tasks.
  5. Users can refer to the video tutorial following each task or join the BovineVerse community for gameplay tutorials.
  6. Referrers can use the Invite Track to check out the tasks status of their invites.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. New users should enter the referral address and click confirm.(Important!! Tasks will not be counted if you don’t submit the referral address)
  2. After entering the referral address, new users should complete five tasks listed on Entries (the task box will automatically mark “ √ ” once the task transaction is packed)
  3. The bonus limit for each referrer is 50 USDT.
  4. There is no cap on the number of invites a referrer can make. Referrers can invite as many new players as possible. Up till the end of the public beta, referrers who have the most number of valid invites will share a huge prize of official assets & tokens.
  5. After finishing all required tasks, new players can claim their gift pack on the invite party page, including essential in-game items.

Note: sometimes the traffic in Polygon is busy and it takes time for the transaction to be packed.

Tasks List

Valid Invite Competition

During the Invite Party, referrers will be ranked in terms of the total number of valid invites (binding referral and completing all tasks). The top 5 players with the highest number of referees (valid invites) will be rewarded with the following official prizes:

  • 1st: 100,000 $BVG + Cattle Box (worth 200U)
  • 2nd: 60,000 $BVG + Cattle Box
  • 3rd: 50,000 $BVG + Cattle Box
  • 4th: 40,000 $BVG + Item Pack (worth 100U)
  • 5th: 30,000 $BVG + Item Pack


  1. Referrers can check the task status of their invitees and claim their USDT reward on the Invite Party page. The page remains open all the time even after Invite Party ends.
  2. For detailed explanation of the gameplay please refer to Interstellar Rangeland guidebook or join BovineVerse community to discuss with other players
  3. This bonus invite contest is held throughout the entire Beta. If you are not in the whitelist of Season 1, please be active and you will get a chance to be in the next season.

About BovineVerse

BovineVerse takes the initiative to establish a new Fi+ gaming platform deeply integrating DeFi, GameFi and SocialFi. On our platform, players can carry out DAO governance over their respective planets, own NFT assets that are able to break the barriers between games and spaces, engage in star wars to get huge token rewards and build an online gaming social network. It is committed to realizing the financialization and tokenization of social influence in the game and allowing players to earn while playing. Significantly, three parallel worlds will be successively launched, aiming to create a multi-verse for every player. BovineVerse, a pioneer of Fi+ concept, is set with a complete NFT system and helps users to ride the wave of Web 3.0.

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