Official Launch of Interstellar Rangeland, The 1st On-Chain Game of BovineVerse!

Dive yourself into a vast bovine metaverse!

4 min readOct 17, 2022

Thanks for interest and trust from the community, beta players, partners and investors who have been supporting our game since beta and patiently waiting for the official launch. The official game has undergone Alpha and Beta test, to ensure the best gaming experience and optimized based on bug reports and suggestions we gathered from beta players. We’re now proud to announce our 1st play-to-earn game — Interstellar Rangeland is now available! Cheers!

The official release schedules are as follows:

Time: 12PM UTC October 19

Network: Polygon

Entry link: to be announced

The voucher redemption is activated on BovineVerse Voucher Center. Notice that the lifetime of cattle will start to count down once the cattle is minted (cattle is minted once the redemption transaction succeeds). The lifetimes of Baby Cattles minted before will be extended to ensure fairness. The lifetime of Regular Cattle is subject to their parentage and the attributes of their parents, hence their lifetimes are not necessarily the same.

The Marketplace is also available on BovineVerse official site, allowing players to buy or sell the Cattle Box, Bovine Hero and Planet.

Notice that the contract address of BVT and BVG on Polygon are as follows:

BVT: 0x29F121A953D95824e5CDB5Be0237bC9971Ae73bf

BVG: 0x721670B16493b6F37439338D70953C2c8ce3F19A

Important information that you should know:

  1. To obtain BVT for gaming assets, go to or Bitcoke and buy BVT with USDT, and bridge it to Polygon network via BovineVerse’s official bridge. Note that the minimum amount for crossing BVT is 40 BVT.

2. There are several ways to obtain BVG:

  • Participate in BovineVerse’s BVG community airdrop & giveaway held from time to time.
  • Participate in PVE to earn BVG rewards.
  • There are chances you can obtain BVG by winning the CattleMart prize pool or Asteroid Fragms merging.

3. To obtain Cattle, players can buy the Halo Box from BovineVerse CattleMart Store, or trade Cattle Box on the Marketplace.

4. Players can buy gaming items including Hay, HP potion, Battery, Name Card in the Store on the game.

5. Gaming assets can be traded with BVG and BVT. It only costs MATICs for gas fees.

6. Planets and Cattles including Baby Cattle and Bovine Hero can be found on both BovineVerse official site and the game interface. Skin Packs and Gaming items including Hay, Battery, HP Potion, Rename Card are only visible in the game interface. Click here to read more about how to use them.

7. If you’re new to the game, here are 3 steps to get started:

  • Log into the game, and choose a planet to join or you could create your own if you have a planet card.(once you join, you can’t quit the selected planet)
  • Get your Cattles or Items ready by buying, trading or obtaining from giveaway events.
  • Feed your Baby Cattles to adults, and start to milk, battle, or breed to earn BVT and BVG!

Click here for more.

8. If transaction delay or pending happens in the Polygon network, directly cancel it by custom nonce instead of speeding it up. Click here for the tutorial.

The detailed gameplay and explanation of Interstellar Rangeland are illustrated here (head to Interstellar Rangeland section for gameplay guide)

Changes of the official version:

We keep optimizing the game and try to improve the user’s experience. In the official version, the price for creating a Unionland planet is 2000 $BVT(~$200 USDT). Below are some features and functions that are no longer available or waiting to be updated:

  1. Milk Factory: Applying Badges

2. Arena: Ranked Match

3. Research Center: Badge and skin merge

4. Task System

5. Guild: Guild Battle and Battle prize pool

6. Guild Store: Taurus Armor, Combat Potion, Score Protection

All functions and services except for the above are available and open to all. We’ll keep updating , gradually release new functions and deliver the full experience of Interstellar Rangeland. We’ll keep players informed about our latest and subsequent game updates. Thank you for your support and trust in BovineVerse. We sincerely welcome all participation and valuable feedback and suggestions to make Interstellar Rangeland a better game. Play and earn! Let the fun begin!

If you have any questions regarding the game, please feel free to contact us on Discord.

About BovineVerse

BovineVerse is a genesis Fi+ metaverse platform under Web3.0. BovineVerse plans to release multiple on-chain games and sports prediction systems, and also reserves API interfaces for the third-party. The DAO spirit of this community allows high flexibility on autonomy. Players can own various NFTs, participate in social, adventure and online sports prediction, etc., to maximize play-to-earn!

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